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These are Sara's published and up-and-coming novels. If you're interested in purchasing a copy, please click the provided link of your choice. 

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White Lies cover.jpg


To add fuel to the fire, Missy’s mom was arrested just before she could blow out the candles on her fifteenth birthday.


To escape her guilt and her father’s alcohol-induced rages, Missy volunteers at a nearby store where she busies herself to shut out the feelings that her therapist seems to be pushing her to feel.

But then Missy meets Luke — a new classmate she cannot stop thinking about. Luke understands what she is going through more than anybody, but will Missy ever be able to let him in?

You'll find yourself smiling, laughing, crying and then cheering for Missy in this well-crafted, touching story.
- Eric Walters
(Multiple Award-Winning Author including the Governor General's Award for his KING OF JAM SANDWICHES) 


A powerful YA debut that tackles traumatic experiences with vivid characters and a smooth writing style that's sure to draw you in from start to finish!
- Kelly-Anne Blount
(USA Today Best-selling Author of I HATE YOU FULLER JAMES,
THE PENALTY BOX and other great works)

Deemed one of the 14 YA books you should read this Spring & one of 40 Canadian books recommended by CBC Books: Missy’s sweet sixteenth is just around the corner, but her last three birthdays haven’t exactly been cause for celebration. Her beloved little brother died when she turned thirteen and now birthdays are just painful reminders of the void in their lives. If only she had walked him to school that morning, like she was supposed to ...

Cover by Angel Guerra

To Purchase WHITE LIES:

If you'd like to Support Small Businesses close to the Author
(may not be able to ship to your location):

A Different Drummer Books
(Burlington, ON, Canada)

Another Story Bookshop
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

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Grant's Gifts/
The Picket Fence
(St. Catharines, ON, Canada)

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or Mass Market Options...

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Mock Cover Design By: Dru Brown



DEFY is a coming of age, Young Adult novel that deals with the power behind responsibility and unconditional love.


Originally imagined as a speculative screenplay that was well-received by judges in screenwriting competitions as well as with intermediate school students, DEFY is a light sci-fi, dystopian and psychologically intriguing story. 

In DEFY, the controlling society of Zalmon determines everything for its citizens right down to a Death Date. 17-year-old Darius plans to save his little sister from hers as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery & romance. He will stop at nothing. 

DEFY received grant support from the Ontario Arts Council as recommended by Cormorant Books and ECW Press.

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COMING SOON -- SUMMER GYM (YA fiction, coming-of-age comedy)

COMING SOON -- SEVENTY-SEVEN (adult fiction, psychological thriller) -- thank you to Diaspora Dialogues, BookLand Press and Dundurn Press for the Recommender Grants through the Ontario Arts Council


COMING SOON -- BIPPITY BOPPITY BINGE (YA fiction) -- thank you to Cormorant Books for the Recommender Grant through the Ontario Arts Council

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